Click & Pay Investments Private Limited is a privately registered Zimbabwean Technology Company, offering a wide range of Information and Communication Technology products. The company has built its name on two of its founding locally made innovative products; the secure, most reliable electronic ticketing platform and the E-commerce initiative.

The state of the art Click & Pay platform offers secure, robust and reliable online services to both Merchants and their customers as well as individuals wishing to transact from anywhere in the world. Our team of leading Engineers and System Architects promise to revolutionalise the digital payments space in Africa, offering affordable and convenient services customized to suit the African Economies, and making a better business environment for the benefit of the whole world. We promise to transform economies by enabling convenience, reliability, efficiency and affordability. In addition, other ICT products offered include Consultancy, Systems Development, Quality Assurance, Design and Support.

In 2012, one of the directors founded Cyclic Flows providing Retail Software, Graphic Designing and other ICT solutions. In 2014, ProTickets was also formed, focusing on basic ticketing. In 2017 the two co-founders for these companies started working together on more robust systems under the new company Click & Pay Investments. The Company works with permanent and contract/part time employees totalling to sixty. Experienced Bankers, ICT Developers, Engineers, Innovators, Scientists, Researchers and Accounting experts lead the ClicknPay team.

Although ClicknPay offers an Ecosystem for the Payments Industry, the current focus is to serve the following industries; Fintech, Retail, Sport, Music, Art, Events and Travel.